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Welcome to Weldon's Room

Weldon's Room at Haunted House BookshopIf you are interested in local or state history, rare or antiquarian books, literature by or about students of the Writer's Workshop, or works by Iowan small presses, you'll not want to miss Weldon's room, immediately to your left when entering the shop.

Weldon's Room contains Iowana; from Natural Histories, Palimpsests, Official Publications, and Yearbooks to books about Regional Geology and Biology, The University of Iowa, and even the Amana Colonies.

This room also contains Graphic Novels (to the left of the checkout counter), Antique Children's Books, and some selections from the University of Iowa Press.

Iowa City books are around the corner from the counter.

Cards (sold on consignment for nonprofit causes) are by the counter.

To your right from the Iowa section you'll find Crafts, Home Improvement & Repair, and a large selection of books on Food and Cooking

Small Presses include Toothpaste Press, Torch Press, Maecenas, The Spirit That Moves Us, and other local publishers, as well as back issues of The Wapsipinicon Almanac - check at the front desk for the latest issue.

State Historical Society publications include works about the political, social, and economic history of Iowa, as well as several biographies. Authors like William Petersen and Benjamin Shambaugh are here, as well as issues of The Annals of Iowa and of The Palimpsest and official publications such as geological surveys and old city ordinances.

Local Authors contains a very broad cross-sample of Iowan authors, from early pioneer memoirists to recent children's writers. Writers' Workshop has first, signed, or otherwise special editions of books by Writers' Workshop alumni and teachers.

Natural History includes field guides to wildflowers, birds, ferns, bats, and more as well as books on Iowan geology, ecology, and important naturalists.

Antiquarian and Rare Books

Also in this room are our collections of fisrt editions, signed copies, antiquarian, and rare books. What we have available varies constantly, but these are the types of things we carry:

Small Press chapbooks, some signed, most scarce;

Collectors' Editions - often leatherbound, all well-made, some complete-works sets;

First and Signed novels, poetry, and history;

Antiquarian books, particularly scholarly works and books on travel and discovery from 1870 and before;

Rare books of merit, especially books on religion, philosophy, history, and fine arts; we also have a few scarce, older children's books.

Why is it called Weldon's Room?

Cat sitting in Weldon's RoomBorn on a family farm in Cedar County in 1895, Weldon, the present owner's great-grandfather, loved gardening and woodwork and spent a great deal of time teaching his work ethic, humor, pragmatism, and heritage to Nialle when she was little. When he passed away in 1991, he left her the old books he had taught her to love - Shakespeare and Longfellow and other classics. These were the first leatherbound books she ever owned.

Weldon's son, William Weldon, worked the same farm and taught Nialle chess and fishing as well as good financial management. When the Haunted was up for sale in 2004, William Weldon was Nialle's first investor and advisor and remained her staunchest business supporter until his passing on April 22, 2009. While Nialle remains inept at growing even cucumbers, William Weldon understood that the seeds of curiosity and literacy, well tended, can fruit as bountifully as a field of good Iowan earth, and for that, she will always be grateful.


Laura's RoomLeiden's RoomClaire's RoomStephen's RoomWeldon's RoomJosh's RoomStageAndrew's RoomWill's RoomMeara's Room


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