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Welcome to Stephen's Room

Stephen's Room - Table and ChairsIn the north-west corner of the first floor is Stephen's room, accessible through Meara's Room from the side and Claire's Room from the front. Here you'll find enough Culture & Humanities books to satisfy any curiosity.

Entering from Claire's, you'll find Literary Criticism and a section of Books About Writing on your left, and Essays on your right. Past Essays, there's an alcove with Memoir on the right and on the left, Lives of Artists, Museums, Art Movements, Antiques & Collectibles, and Art Gift Books.

Stephen's Room at Haunted House BookshopIn the back of the room you'll find Theater History & Criticism, Stagecraft, Plays (with one section devoted to Shakespeare and one for Drama Anthologies), Film (with sections on History & Criticism and Technique), Music (with sections on History & Critique and Technique), Circus & VaudevilleClassical Music, Television, Opera, Jazz/Folk/Blues, Rock & Pop, Dance, and shelves of Art Technique, Architecture, and Art History & Critique (with sections on Occidental Art, Oriental Art, and Photography).

Why is it called Stephen's Room?

Stephen's Room Book ShelvesNialle is still haunted by the character from the two books she studied intensely for almost ten years: Stephen Dedalus of Portrait of the Artist and Ulysses by James Joyce.

Though young and uncertain, Stephen's driving questions were about writing, aesthetics, religion, philosophy, and culture, so this room is named for him.




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