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The Haunted Bookshop carries a growing collection of fine children's toys and games. Catering to all ages, our inventory of unique playthings is a great place to find gifts for special occasions, something fun to beat any seasonal doldrums, or your family's newest favorite activity.

In our selection of children's products, we remain as committed to quality, safety, and sustainability as we do in other areas of our business. We carry many US made, environmentally conscious products, searching out community-rooted small businesses that are continuing to innovate as well as manufacturing classics that will stand up to being handed down again and again.

Our selection is growing and changing all the time, so come in and play with our latest!

Folkmanis Puppets Since 1976

Folkmanis Puppets Since 1976Do you need a perfect gift for a small person? A realistic animal toy? A funny addition to a party? Your favorite creature in adorably fuzzy interactive format?

Do you really need an excuse to love puppets at all? Rhetorical question. Of course you don't, and you should come test out every single one of the 120+ species of hand puppet, 50 kinds of finger puppet, and various stage puppets - big and little - that we carry in our toy section.


Folkmanis Cat PuppetFolkmanis Duck PuppetFolkmanis Dog PuppetFolkmanis Turtle PuppetFolkmanis Dog PuppetFolkmanis Shark Puppet

Now in stock - newest puppets available!

Maple Landmark Woodcraft made in VermontWe are very proud to carry quality wooden toys, made in Vermont, by really nice people whose commitment to ecology and toy safety is legendary.

Among our offerings are wooden rattles, teething rings (splinter and chemical free!), tops, yo-yos, toy cars and buses and trucks, blocks with ABCs and blocks with pictures, spelling and animal wheel toys (Spinny Spellers), memory tiles, dominoes, cribbage boards, mosaic tiles for creative design, and much more.

We also carry a wide range of wooden train pieces, from the 11-piece starter kit - a circular track that comes with an engine, trolley, and caboose - to individual straight, curved, wavy, short, long, Y, cross, bridge, and other track pieces, fully compatible with other train track brands. For train cars, we carry both "traditional" train cars - coal cars, box cars, passenger cars, beautifully printed on each smooth wooden piece, and the famous:

Alphabet Name TrainsName Trains! We have every letter of the alphabet in many different, bright colors, as well as engines, trolleys, cabooses, and some fun variety cars - cows, triceratops, kitties, puppies, Planet Earth, hearts, bears, and more on wheels. Come visit our train table and try out different track arrangements and train car colors to see what looks like the most fun to you!