Item #80818 Building Site (My Very First Games)

Building Site (My Very First Games)

HABA. Board Game. New. Item #80818

Debuting on our shelves with a wildly enthusiastic endorsement from our 2-year-old, it's THE TRUCK GAME, as he calls it -- because, once you have matched the memory tiles for an animal and a vehicle, you get to use the provided (sturdy and cute) little toy truck to take that vehicle's building material to the construction site. Once complete, the four materials form a cute little house with a shrubbery. Because it's a memory game, this can be fun for 1-4 players (and works great for teaching about turns), and with the big, friendly shapes and animals and not too much long-term concentration required, it's great for players aged 2 and up. (Made in Germany.).

Price: $29.99