Item #79422 Castellion


Z-Man Games. Tile Game. New. Item #79422

The first tile-laying game set in the Oniverse, Castellion comes very attractively packaged in a square box with a lovely insert and ominous monster meeple. As with other Oniverse games, it is designed for one or two players and comes with expansions, as well as instructions for varying the level of difficulty. There are 90 tiles and 27 cards, with four suits of "creatures" and two types of "traitors". In each game, your castle will undergo three ordeals (drawn from the card deck), any you must prepare the 6x6 castle for these assaults. You can incorporate tiles depicting the creatures or discard them for their effect (like keys and prophecies in "Onirim"), but beware of the traitors! Complex problem-solving, but with easy-to-learn rules, plus stunning art, plus fairly short play time, makes this game a very easy gift for the appreciative gamer who likes to play against the game itself. Best for ages 10 and up; about 30min per game.

Price: $24.99

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