Surprise Me!

Started on Facebook for folks who had a type of book (or a friend's type) in mind, shared widely and enjoyed by dozens of shoppers and gifters, it's the curated Surprise Me! Bag, now a regular service of The Haunted Bookshop!

Don't be afraid to give us a challenge, either. Whether your budget is $20 or $200, you absolutely can give us clues like these:

"My favorite color is blue."
"He wears hipster hats and rides a bicycle everywhere."
"I don't want anything too sad right now."
"I'm definitely more green magic than red or white, if you know Magic: The Gathering."
"He has a subscription to the Criterion Collection."
"I don't know what kinds of books she likes, but she has a big vegetable garden, a retired K-9 dog, and a thing about California rolls not being real sushi."
"She's all about princesses. And mermaids. She reads by herself, the kind of books with a picture every couple of pages. She likes longer ones read aloud to her."
"He probably has everything Louise Erdrich ever wrote. I mean EVERYTHING. Including anything published in journals."
"I like math and engineering, but also short stories. Actually I like short stories where the place is kind of a character, if that makes any sense."
"I just want something bright and cheerful after working on my taxes for 2 days."

New Arrivals!

We'll be posting pictures of recently arrived stock here for a time while the social media shakedown continues. Feel free to share these pictures with people you think might be interested!

All pictures contain some combination of 20-30 used books (in paperback or hard cover) arranged on two carpeted stair steps, occasionally with the supervision of 1-3 much-loved bookstore cats.