Item #79068 Blue + Yellow Starter Set (Killer Bunnies #1 + #2)

Blue + Yellow Starter Set (Killer Bunnies #1 + #2)

Playroom Entertainment. Card Game. New. Item #79068

Wield kitchen whisks and flame throwers and defy imminent dangers to match your bunnies and collect magic carrots, in this extremely wacky card game for 2-8 players. You need bunnies to collect carrots, and you need food, water, and defensive weaponry for your bunnies. You'll need to strategize wisely, since you only play cards that you put down two turns ago! Unless you have three bunnies of a kind, in which case you can play more cards, faster. The faster the play, the more bizarre the game becomes, as "Terrible Misfortune" cards and other interrupts upend your best-laid plans! Excellent for parties, especially parties of people who have some knowledge of SFF television and franchises of the 1980's and 90's, because oh wow there are a lot of Easter eggs. This is the starter (Blue) deck plus the first (Yellow) expansion, for a total of 165 playing cards, 36 small cards (carrots and food/water), 6 dodecahedral (d12) dice, and instructions. You don't need anything else to play, though you will probably want Booster Decks (Red, Violet, Orange, etc.), to add more silliness to your game! (Recommended for players aged 13 and up; playing time 15-45min.).

Price: $30.00

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