Item #076132 Dominion: Cornucopia and Guilds (Two Expansions)

Dominion: Cornucopia and Guilds (Two Expansions)

Rio Grande Games, 2015. Card Game. New. Item #076132
ISBN: 655132005180

Two smaller expansions for the game Dominion in one box. Cornucopia makes every game more colorful, with cards like the Menagerie to encourage more variety in your strategy (and staples like the Hamlet to ensure you can play them all). Guilds is thematically perfect, every card matched precisely to its operation, and each of these cards can be potent in combination with other expansions. Requires base game and/or Intrigue for play, but best served as a confection with your meatier expansions. Nialle says: Love Hinterlands? Want more crazy cash flow with your Prosperity? This'll bring out the flavor. 2-5 players; ages 12+; a teensy extra bit of setup with the coin tokens and mats, otherwise blends right in to your 30-90 minute Dominion experience.

Price: $44.99

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